Tweed Ride Victoria is a group bicycle ride – not a race, mind you – winding through various neighbourhoods in fair Victoria, British Columbia. Cyclists dress in traditional attire, such as tweed plus four suits and vintage dresses. Any bicycle is acceptable in the Tweed Ride, but classic bicycles are encouraged to better recreate the spirit of a bygone era. Our event is part of a worldwide Tweed Ride movement, started by cyclists in Britain eager for a slower-paced “metropolitan ride with a bit of style.”

Our 9.5 km cycling route winds through the leafy streets of Oak Bay, starting at Willows Beach. As no jaunt is complete without refreshment, the Tweed Ride concludes with a splendid tea and picnic. Bring your wicker picnic baskets, tartan blankets, tea cups and saucers, croquet sets and gramophones if you have them, to enjoy a jolly good afternoon with friends.


TweedRide Victoria is a volunteer-run event. The event team donates their time and Capital Bike generously supports the event every year by providing insurance and the ticket hosting.

Capital Bike advocates for improved bike pathways in the Capital Region and hosts different themed rides throughout the year. Consider becoming a member to help support Capital Bike and to keep informed about current projects.

100% of the profits from the Tweed Ride ticket sales go towards supporting Capital Bike and their bicycle courses for kids and newcomers to Canada. We do our best to keep event expenses low so that we can donate as much as possible.

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